From the recording Tempestade (Tempest)

This is the song that most reminded Douglas and I of our Iberian heritage - and the Transatlantic crossing of our ancestors.  It has all the nuances and imprint of those whose DNA we have inherited.  It has all of our roots: it is Portuguese; it is Spanish; and Moorish; and it is also from the Brazilian Northeast. (uma canção nordestina).  


Vejo um mar revolto em seu olhar
Quase anunciando o entardecer
Avançando o cais, inundando o ser
Vou num barco à vela em alto-mar
Se o amor soprar no seu coração
E esse vendaval desaparecer
Por mais uma vez possa perdoar
O mal que sei que fiz foi sem querer
Quase escurecendo o seu olhar
O que vou fazer pra voce voltar
Algo que me faça merecer.
Seja em alto-mar do seu coração
Ou no seu olhar, um lugar pra mim
Onde eu possa, assim, desaparecer
 In your eyes I see a troubled ocean
It almost foretells that darkness is coming
Swallowing the dock, flooding my being.
I am on a sailboat on the high seas
If love should give breath to you heart
And this windstorm disappears
There might be forgiveness
One more time
The pain I know I caused
Was not intentional
It brought darkness to your eyes
What can I do to bring you back?
Something to make me worthy
Maybe on the high-seas of your heart,
Or in your glance,
There's a place for me
Where I could, then, disappear.