1. Terra

From the recording Terra

This song came to me in Hong Kong one day in 2011 when I missed my home country, Brazil. Walking the Dragon's Back trail on the way to Shek O, I opened eyes and heart and lived in the moment. The song came and as all my memories flooded my heart in the present tense, i felt whole again. I made peace with time and distance and lovingly accepted my experience as a human being belonging on planet Earth.  This song was transcribed and arranged by Alexis Alrich, in Hong Kong.


 Tão longe da minha terra     Eu vejo que tudo na terra é igualAqui a paisagem é a imagemDa minha terra natalO que eu vejo é o espelhoDa lembrança de uma criançaTem montanha banhada de luzTem um mar profundo e azulTem estrela esquecida no céuE a lua branca faz sonharTão longe de quem eu amoEu encontro a quem amarTem tanta gente que a gente senteAquele homem é meu parenteSua história me vem em menteE a terra toda é lar.
Far away from my native landI see that all on earth is the sameThe landscape here looks The way it looks where I was born.What I see is the mirrorOf the memories of a childThere are mountains, awash in sunlight,There’s an ocean, deep and blue,There’s a star forgotten in the skyAnd the white moon has me dreamingSo far away from those I loveI’ve met others I’ve come to loveThere are so many people That man is part of my familyHis story comes to my mindAnd all of earth is home.

Maguinha - vocals.  Alexis Alrich plays piano. Sam Ferrer plays double bass. Jessie Hou plays the erhu (Chinese violin). Parts and arrangement by Alexis Alrich