From the recording Cancao de acordar

There are lullabies, and they are grand. But the songs I love the most are the ones that wake me up. I hear them in my sleep and I jump out of bed to write them out, and record them - so that I don't run the risk of ever losing them. Canção de Acordar came in my sleep, and then I took a long bath - sang it, from beginning to end, the number of times I needed to etch it on my brain. It just came, all of it, all it once, melody and lyrics. After this song, I knew to remain faithful to myself, be who I am, and sing to my heart's content. Hear the music. Say the words. Show my heart. Be aware of the sorrow in everyone - then uplift them, if you at all can. Create a space all about beauty - for refuge. Teach that pain can be beautiful if you allow for its teachings. The world does not turn according to your desires, you are not the center of the universe. Love makes you wise when you learn detachment. Uplift all those you can. My voice was tired here. I could not breathe properly. And yet, I sang. I could have recorded it again on a good day, but then, I needed to sing this on the day when I felt that my voice was leaving me, otherwise, it would not have been an accurate song. Transcription was done by Alexis Alrich, initial harmony by Arnaldo Freire. At time of recording, song was given to guitarist Henrique Neto for personal interpretation, which resulted in the beautiful introduction and solo. Dudu Maia came up with a most melodic part for the mandolin- and the song came to life. Recorded in Brasilia, in 2014.


Minha voz chegou ao fimComo a vida chega ao fimComo tudo chega ao fimComo a vida vai passarSó não passa a minha vontade de cantar.E assim nasce uma cançãoComo toda, sem razão,A não ser a de alegrarA canção que nasce como a flor,Sem razão que não seja embelezarInspira a alegria de ser, tira a agonia do viverno coração de quem escutarTudo passa,  tudo passaráSó não passa a minha vontade de cantar A última canção Que será a primeira a me acordar

My voice has come to its endLike life comes to an endLike everything comes to an endLike life will come to passThe only thing that does not passIs my desire to singAnd so a song comes alongFor no reason, like every song, Except for bringing a bit of cheerThe song that comes up like a flowerFor no reason other than to bring beautyIt inspires the joy of being,It ends the agony there’s in livingIn the heart of whoever listensAll passes, all shall come to passExcept for my desire to singThe last songWhich will be the first to wake me
Maguinha – vocals , Henrique Lima Santos Neto - 7-string-guitar, improvisations, Dudu Maia – mandolin. Arranged by Dudu Maia. Hong Kong, 2010