From the recording Caminho de Pedra

This song started as a ballad and it evolved into a samba so it could better express the philosophical mood of Brazilians during and after a break-up. Yes, breaking-up hurts. But it also offers an opportunity for reflection, for learning a lesson or two, and for giving advice. And it is a great opportunity to come up with one more samba. Recorded at Estudio Casa do Som in Brasilia, with great energizing vibe from Dudu Sete-Cordas, Bruno Patricio and Valerinho Xavier, plus vocals by Renato Castelo, lyricist and music partner on a couple of songs on this album. Arrangement by Dudu Maia.


Meu amor, ‘cê vem e diz pr’eu te esquecerE agora diz: como se faz pra esquecerDe respirar e de comer e de dormir?Meu amor, ‘cê vem e diz que agora não dá mais‘Cê me entregou Como se faz pra entregarO que é seu – que te dá asas pra voar?Será você a me esquecer A me perderA repetir os errosSem aprender da vida O que deve aprenderQuando o coração não aceita o perdãoNem escuta a razãoO caminho é de pedra.

My love,You come and tell me to forget youNow tell me: how does one forgetTo breathe, to eat, to sleep?My love, you come to say This can’t go onYou’re giving me up.  How can you give up What’s yours – that gives you wings to fly?You will be the one to forget meTo lose meTo repeat the mistakesFailing to learn from lifeWhat you must learnWhen the heart can’t accept forgivenessCan’t listen to reasonThe road is made of rocks. 
Maguinha - vocals, Renato Castelo - vocals, Dudu Sete Cordas – nylon-string guitar, 7-string guitar, and cavaquinho, Bruno Patrício – tenor sax, Valerinho Xavier- pandeiro, deaf-drum, tamborim, shakers and brushes. Arranged by Dudu Maia