1. Adorno Natural

From the recording Adorno Natural

In 2003, my music partner Tereza Hezim (Teca) sent me a poem by Marina Lima, entitled Adorno Natural. The poem resonated with me so much that I sang it. Its melody was so clear to me that did not forget it. It was all simple, effortless, fast. Teca obtained, from Marina Lima, permission for my setting the poem to music and recording the song. A couple of months later, I had it transcribed by Alexis Alrich. Arnaldo Freire gave it its purely Brazilian harmony. After such gestation period, a song was born! I recorded it in Brasilia, Brazil at Estudio Casa do Som, with Dudu Sete-Cordas and Dudu Maia, who made the arrangement.
Every time I hear the song, its unquestionable case for preserving the integrity of Earth's environment comes out clearly and poignantly, and it makes me incredibly happy to be able to share it, in a quest to bring awareness of our need to protect the our forests.


... e a natureza me adornaCom toda a sua belezaMe dando sempre a certezaDe que se um dia ela se forJá não serei mais inteiraJá não terei mais belezaJá não içarei as asasJá não terei minha casaJá não serei quem eu sou

… and nature adorns meWith all of its beautyMaking me always certainThat if one day she diesI won’t be whole anymoreI won’t be beautiful anymoreI won’t raise my wings anymoreI won’t have a home anymoreI won’t be who I am anymore Maguinha - vocals, Dudu Maia - mandolin, Dudu Sete Cordas - 7-string-guitar, cavaquinho, pandeiro, Valerinho Xavier – brushes. Arranged by Dudu Maia. Brasilia, 2013