Voyage to Vera Cruz

Tempo de Outono (Autumn Time)

Maguinha And Douglas Lora


Back to Brasilia after an absence that lasted 8 years, I woke up early and walked to the bakery under a sea of trees, just as the sun was rising.  I felt almost overwhelmed by the beauty of the morning light.  The poem that followed was a sign of wisdom from Here and Now and spirit was made stronger.


E o que me resta

Nesta manha de sol domingueira

A caminho do pão e do jornal?


Restam-me os passos sob as árvores

Nos trilheiros abundantes de luz.

Resta-me quem fui e o que não sou ainda.


E o que me resta

Nesta manha de sol?

Azul Terra Brasilis Vermelho Verde Ouro

Resta-me o esplendor desta manha.



And what do I have left

On this sunny Sunday-like morning

On my way to bread and the morning paper?


I have my own steps under the trees

On these trails ablaze with sunlight.

I have who I used to be and what I will become.

What do I have left on this sunny morning?

Blue, Terra Brasilis, Red, Green Gold

I still have the splendor of this morning.