Voyage to Vera Cruz

Pedro Veio (Old Pedro)

Maguinha And Douglas Lora
Magda Machado and Douglas Lora


Pedro Veio was a real character in the little town of Hidrolandia, in the state of Goias- in the heart of Brasil - where I lived until I was 7. He often walked the streets, singing, and asking for money, food and old clothes. With him, came his two daughters, Maria, and Rosario, who couldn't talk, nor walk, and was severely handicapped.  A child hears things and the story is what I heard. The song is typical of the hillbilly moda, or tune, sung to the sound of the  viola caipira (a steel-string country guitar), a real folk tale in the tradition of the songs of the Brazilian sertao, or backlands. 


Oh Gerarda Telle vem me visitar

Um pouquinho só

Oh Gerarda Telle vem me visitar

Um pouquinho só

Pedro Veio cantou

E a Maria dancou

Pedro Veio cantou

E o passante pagou

Pra olhar a Rosário

Num carrinho de mão

A mulher do Pedro morreu

E a filha, a virgem Maria,

Entrou pra escuridão

Pedro Veio achou

Uma consolação.

A menina Maria

Deu à  luz  sua filha-irmã

Seu Rosário de lágrimas

Pobre Maria

Aguenta seu pai

Ai que vida, quantos ais

E a Rosário, a boba,

No carrinho, boiou.



”Oh, Gerarda Telle, come visit me for just a little while “

Old Pedro sang and Maria danced

Old Pedro sang and the the passer-by paid up

To take a peek at Rosário in the hand wood-cart.

Pedro's wife died

And the daughter,

The virgin Maria

Was entered into darkness

Old Pedro found a consolation

The girl Maria Brought into the light

Her sister-daughter

Her rosary of tears

Poor Maria

Puts up with her father

What a life, so much sorrow

And Rosário the demented

In the handcart was oblivious.


Maguinha, vocals

Douglas Lora, guitar