Voyage to Vera Cruz


Maguinha and Douglas Lora
Magda Machado


I wrote this song for my daughter, Janaína, a native New Yorker, and a dancer. The first part of the melody came when she was very small. The words, and the second part of the melody, came much later when she traveled to New York on a two-week visit... and decided to stay for a few years.  On Earth, many sentient beings seek to go back to their place of origin. 



You are my sweet little golden girl

And the night in your eyes

Veils the sight

Of an angel in disguise


You are the joy of my heart,

My sweet child,

And a smile on your face

Can erase

All the darkness in this world

Janaína menina

Voce dança para mostrar

A cadência da vida

Nesta terra

Entre o ceu e a profundeza do mar.

Tua luz calor Janaína,

Tua mão é amor Janaína,

Vai em teu caminho de luz

Segue em teu caminho de luz



Janaína girl 

Do your dancing so you can show,

The real cadence of living,

On this earth

Between sky and ocean abyss.

Your light is warmth, Janaína,

Your touch is love, Janaína,

Walk on your path, shine your light,

Dance on your path full of light.