Remembrance (Until the End of Time)

Magda Machado


On March 11, 2011 a tsunami hit Japan following a devastating magnitude 9.0 earthquake. From Hong Kong, I watched in horror  the terrible moments when the mighty ocean rolled onto land taking all things on its path.  

Shaken with shock and disbelief, I wrote English lyrics to my song Lembrança, whose lyrics in Portuguese were dedicated to my beloved brother Renato Pires Machado, in memoriam.

I renamed the song Remembrance (Until the End of Time), and now I dedicate it to those who survived that natural catastrophe and to those who, more recently, have escaped the ravages and the killings of war.

May my song help with their healing.


I’ll remember you with light in your eyes
I’ll hold you in my heart until the end of time
And the memory of you
Will keep me alive

Oasis in the desert
Fields of flowers blossom
I lie down and rest

The gift I had from you is more, much more
Than the mighty ocean knows to take
In my heart the chain of love
Will never ever break.

I know I’ve got the strength to carry on
I walk as if you’re by my side
The light of you will carry me
Until the end of time.

Maguinha - vocals
Alexis Alrich – piano
Samuel Ferrer – double bass
Jessie Hou – erhu (Chinese violin)

Parts and arrangement by Alexis Alrich
Sound Engineer - King Kong
Recorded at Hong Kong Baptist University Music Studio in 2014