This song came to me in a Metro train in Hong Kong, in 2013, where I sometimes I sang to myself in order to take refuge from the crowd, allowing myself to visit old and seemingly useless memories of the losses that shaped my life, making me who I am today. It is good to demystify facts and people that caused us pain. It is irrelevant whether these were good or bad for us. Ultimately we understand our own resilience and strength. We can indeed tame the wild-things that took our power, become strong enough to live many lives. Ultimately we awaken to new dreams and aspirations, while still honoring the love and the suffering that enabled us to transform ourselves.


Tá na hora de amansar
Esta doideira, este bicho, amor
Que não tem descanso,
Vaga mundo, e virou zumbí.

Quantas vidas tem um gato?
Quanto bicho tem no mato?
Quantas malas leva um sonhador?
Este Bicho-Doido tem um nome:
é Amor.

Se o Amor é uma quimera
Quem dera, pudera esquecer
Se o amor é fantasia
Um dia quem sabe
Acabe esta dor

It’s time to tame
This crazy wild-thing, my love
Always restless, a wanderer
Turned zombie.

How many lives does a cat have?
How many wild-things live in the woods?
How many suitcases can a dreamer carry?
This crazy wild-thing has a name:
It is Love.

If Love is a chimera
I wish it could be forgotten
If love is a fantasy
One day, who can say
I’ll be finished with this pain

Maguinha – vocals
Sergim Veiga – piano, virtual clarinet and cello, other strings.
Bororó Felipe - bass

Parts written and arranged by Sergim Veiga
Recorded at SetUp Music Studio in Goiania, with Sergim Veira and Bororó Felipe.
Jairo Reis was the sound engineer.