O Sentido Do Amor

Marcio A Veiga - Renato Castelo de Carvalho


I have known Marcio and Renato for most of my life. Together they have written many great songs and their partnership is one of the most fortuitous in the universe of Brazilian music, a perfect combination of melody and poetry. This song resonated deeply within me and I recorded it in Goiania with awesome musicians I played with decades ago.  What a wonderful experience to share music time again with Bororó Felipe and Marcio Veiga, while immersed in the heart-wrenching and strong lyrics of Renato Castelo.    Foka and Ricardo de Pina added new blood to the mix.  

All in all, one of my favorite tracks in the album, a soft, moody and jazzy bossa-nova that thrilled us - like in the old times.


Tiro de mim este corpo,
este abraco, este beijo
Este cheiro de amor
Tiro de mim esta mancha
da pele e da alma
Este cheiro de flor

Rasgo-me em unhas e dentes
E tiro as sementes
que plantou em mim
Quebro e queimo este caso
Transformando em cinza
O que foi sempre assim

Turvo e misturo este brilho
De vinho sem cor
Me derramo em nada
E continuo na estrada
Voltando sozinha pra dor

Eu sou a mulher que chora
Eu sou quem vai embora
Sou quem nunca perdeu
O sentido do amor
Voce sim, Adeus!

I tear myself away from
The embrace, the kiss
The scent of love
I wash off the stain
On my skin, on my soul
This scent of flowers

I tear myself  
with nails and teeth
Taking out the seed
You’ve planted in me
I break and burn this affair
Turning into ash
What was ashes from the start

I cloud up the clarity
Of the colorless wine
I pour myself into nothingness
And continue on my path
and I return to pain, alone

I am the woman who grieves
I am the one who leaves
I am who has never lost
The meaning of love.
You have. Goodbye!

Maguinha - vocals
Marcio Veiga – nylon-string guitar
Bororó Felipe – bass, piano
Foka - tenor sax
Ricardo de Pina – drums and brushes
Arranged by Bororó Felipe