Recording with Sergim Veiga, Bororo' Felipe and Jairo Reis in Goiania, Brasil. Round 2.

I needed to record Quimera, a song I wrote in 2013, in Hong Kong, which was arranged by Sergim Veiga. I could not leave it unrecorded! That lead to one more song, Tatu' - which was arranged by Bororo' totally inspired by Antonio Carlos Jobim, with whom Boror' played on many occasions. Jobim was, to him, a beloved and much admired teacher. My song was written as a Haitian motiff, inspired by Manno Charlemagne, and between roots, ancestry, land preservation, all causes common to all of us, Tatu' was recorded. I have dedicated it to the Kalunga people who were runaway slaves in Brazil - and settled in the state of Goias. Bororo' has created and association to help the Kalunga preserve their land against the greed and disrespect of cattle ranchers.