Recording In Brasilia with Henrique Neto, Dudu Maia, Pedro Vasconcellos, Valerinho Xavier

Fantastic beginnings! Here I am in Brasilia for just a few days and was able to record my compositions Cancao de Acordar (Awakening Song), Lembranca (Remembrance) with Henrique Lima Neto, a strong and inspired guitar player from Brasilia who has been playing in the USA and France, admired in Brazil by young and old musicians alike. I also recorded Procurando Girassol (Looking for Sunflowers), a song I wrote together with Renato Castelo. At Dudu Maia's suggestion, I invited Pedro Lopes Vasconcellos, to arrange the son, a ciranda. His arrangement is beautiful. He invited Marcus Vinicius Magalhaes (o Magal) on the Seven-String Guitar, Thanise Silva on Flute, and Valerinho Xavier on percussion - while he (Pedro Vasconcellos) played the cavaquinho. I will have to come back to Brasilia at the end of August until mid-September to finish the work. I love it here!!!