Performance. Art Gallery Bohuslans Museum Uddevalla

Acoustic concert, Voice and Guitar. With Arnaldo Freire, Seven-String guitar.

Recording with Sergim Veiga, Bororo' Felipe and Jairo Reis in Goiania, Brasil. Round 2.

I needed to record Quimera, a song I wrote in 2013, in Hong Kong, which was arranged by Sergim Veiga. I could not leave it unrecorded! That lead to one more song, Tatu' - which was arranged by Bororo' totally inspired by Antonio Carlos Jobim, with whom Boror' played on many occasions. Jobim was, to him, a beloved and much admired teacher. My song was written as a Haitian motiff, inspired by Manno Charlemagne, and between roots, ancestry, land preservation, all causes common to all of us, Tatu' was recorded. I have dedicated it to the Kalunga people who were runaway slaves in Brazil - and settled in the state of Goias. Bororo' has created and association to help the Kalunga preserve their land against the greed and disrespect of cattle ranchers.

Recording with Bororo' Felipe and Jairo Reis in Goiania, Brasil

Following the trail of my memories, I have come back to Goiania to work with old friends and music partners. At SetUp Music Studio I recorded two new tunes, one of which is written by Marcio Alencastro Veiga and Renato Castelo de Carvalho. The arrangements were made by Bororo, the renowned bass player.

Recording with Dudu Maia in Brasilia, Brazil

Finally, after 5 years in Hong Kong (where I worked on my new compositions with Alexis Alrich), I am ready to start recording a new album at Estudio Casa do Som with Dudu Maia, the master mandolin player. I am filled with joy and gratitude, for he is a remarkable person in every way.

Recording with Alexis Alrich in Hong Kong

The first three songs of the new album, named TERRA At Hong Kong's University Music Studio with King Kong as sound engineer. Alexis Alrich, arranger, pianist. Sam Ferrer on upright bass, and Jessie Hou the Erhu Player.

Recording In Brasilia with Henrique Neto, Dudu Maia, Pedro Vasconcellos, Valerinho Xavier

Fantastic beginnings! Here I am in Brasilia for just a few days and was able to record my compositions Cancao de Acordar (Awakening Song), Lembranca (Remembrance) with Henrique Lima Neto, a strong and inspired guitar player from Brasilia who has been playing in the USA and France, admired in Brazil by young and old musicians alike. I also recorded Procurando Girassol (Looking for Sunflowers), a song I wrote together with Renato Castelo. At Dudu Maia's suggestion, I invited Pedro Lopes Vasconcellos, to arrange the son, a ciranda. His arrangement is beautiful. He invited Marcus Vinicius Magalhaes (o Magal) on the Seven-String Guitar, Thanise Silva on Flute, and Valerinho Xavier on percussion - while he (Pedro Vasconcellos) played the cavaquinho. I will have to come back to Brasilia at the end of August until mid-September to finish the work. I love it here!!!

Hong Kong Tennis Club Event

Brazilian Themed Event

Hong Kong Tourism Fair

Performance in the Brazil pavilion at the Hong Kong Convention Center in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island. With Joao Mascarenhas

Brazil on the Beach! Hollywood boardwalk

with Paulo and Ivo Carvalho

WON the Brazilian International Press Award!

Dilvugada a lista dos ganhadores do PRESS AWARD 2008 de ARTE & CULTURA March 6th, 2008. Released the list of winners in the Art and Culture categories Brazilian International Press Award 2008 Lifetime Achievement Awards 2008 • Jorge Ben Jor • Rhythm Foundation 20 Anos • Empresário Paulo Rocha – Fundador da BACCF Mérito Cultural Press Award • CCBUF – Centro Cultural Brasil-USA da Flórida • Joana Bueno Prêmio Especial do Board • Tom Gomes – Pela criação dos prêmios brasileiros no Grammy Latino Prêmios de Arte & Cultura Destaque Show Brasileiro / MPB - Outstanding Brazilian Music / MPB Concert in the USA • Caetano Veloso – “Cê” Destaque Show Brasileiro / POP - Outstanding Brazilian Music / POP • Jota Quest Destaque Show Brasileiro / AXÉ - Outstanding Brazilian Music / AXÉ • Babado Novo Destaque de Show Brasileiro / SERTANEJO - Outstanding Brazilian Music / COUNTRY • Bruno & Marrone Destaque Empresa de Produção trabalhando com Música Brasileira nos EUA Outstanding Achievement by a Production Company working with Brazilian Music in the US • Ipanema Productions (MA) Destaque Cantor Brasileiro - Outstanding Brazilian Performance Male Singer • Márcio Mendes (NJ) Destaque Cantora Brasileira - Outstanding Brazilian Performance Female Singer • Silvana Magda (NY) Destaque Músico Brasileiro - Outstanding Performance by a Brazilian Musician • Gílton Martins (CT) Destaque Música Brasileira Local Duo, Trio ou Grupo Brasileiro Outstanding Local Brazilian Music Performance by Duo, Trio or Group • Brasil Brazil Show (CA) Destaque CD por Artista Brasileiro nos EUA Outstanding CD by a Brazilian Artist in the U.S. • Maguinha & Douglas Lora – “Viagem a Vera Cruz” (FL) Destaque no incentivo à Música Brasileira nos EUA Outstanding incentive for the Brazilian Music in the U.S. • Orquestra de Samba (IL) Destaque em Literatura - Outstanding Performance in Literature • “Tatuagens” – Chico Moura (FL) Destaque no Apoio do Idioma Português - Outstanding Support for the Portuguese Language in the U.S. • Fundação Vamos Falar Português (FL) Instituição que apóia a Cultura Brasileira nos EUA Outstanding Institution support for Brazilian Culture in the US • Berklee School of Music (NJ)

Maguinha Nominated for the Brazilian International Press Award 2007

Maguinha has been nominated Noteworthy Brazilian Singer in the USA for the Brazilian International Press Award 2007 You can support my work by going to and Voting for Maguinha on Category Seven Maguinha and Douglas Lora's CD Voyage to Vera Cruz/Viagem a Vera Cruz has also been nominated Noteworthy (Destaque) CD of Brazilian Artists in the US in 2007 You can support my work by going to and Voting for Maguinha and Douglas Lora on Category Ten =============== The Songs of Silence All of my life I have been asking for silence so I can hear the songs. That delicate note, that night bird, those leaves in the wind, those stars. Silence to hear, in the core of the memories, the sound of things loved and lived: Waves breaking in the sand, the fluster of swallows at nightfall, the dance of high grass in the savannah. I ask for a deep breath, I ask for silence. I want to hear the heart of life beating in my chest. I want to hear that calm singing... That unhurried singing In which every note embraces time and distance To be heard faraway, and from afar... I am aware of the infinite immaterial time And of the real material time flowing relentlessly Like blood from a fatal, deep wound. I know this: Hurrying is complete foolishness. The only way to quiet the demons of anxiety Is to sing a beautiful, clear, unhurried song, Warm like the morning of a night that seemed endless. This is why now, more than before, I ask for silence to listen to the songs of magicians and mermaids. Maguinha Miami, January 4, 2008 in portuguese: Maguinha indicada Cantora Brasileira de Destaque nos EUA ao prêmio Brazilian International Press Award 2007 Você pode apoiar o meu trabalho acessando o site e votando em Maguinha na Categoria Sete O CD Viagem à Vera Cruz, de Maguinha e Douglas Lora também indicado ao prêmio CD de Destaque de Artistas Brasileiros nos EUA 2007 Você pode apoiar nosso trabalho acessando o site e votando em Maguinha e Douglas Lora na Categoria Dez Pode ouvir o CD aqui: e Para ouvir Douglas Lora, em duo com João Luiz, As Canções do Silêncio Durante toda a minha vida venho pedindo silêncio para escutar canções. Aquela nota delicada, aquele pássaro noturno, aquela folha ao vento, aquelas estrelas. Silêncio para ouvir, no âmago das lembranças, o som das coisas amadas e vividas: o quebrar das ondas na areia, o alvorôço das andorinhas ao entardecer, a dança do capim alto no cerrado. Peço pra respirar fundo, e peço silêncio. Quero escutar o coração da vida batendo no meu peito. Quero escutar aquele canto calmo, aquele canto sem-pressa, cada nota abraçando o tempo e a distância, ouvida de longe, e ao longe... Tenho consciência do tempo imaterial infinito e do tempo material real que se esvai inexorável, como sangue de uma ferida fatal e profunda. Hoje sei: correr é uma grande bobagem. A única coisa capaz de aplacar demônios é uma canção linda, vagarosa, cálida como a manhã de uma noite que antes parecia não clarear jamais. Por isso, agora, e mais ainda, peço silêncio para o canto das magas e das sereias. Maguinha Miami, 3 de Janeiro de 2007

New CD - Voyage to Vera Cruz - READY!

VOYAGE TO VERA CRUZ This is beautiful and delicate work, and my gratitude goes to Douglas Lora, with whom I partnered to do this CD - and to Claudio Spiewak, who recorded, mixed, edited, and mastered the sessions. Douglas and I had wanted to do an album together for a couple of years but we actually did most of the work during his last three weeks in Miami, just before he moved back to São Paulo. We knew that, once he left South Florida, it would be difficult for him to come back for a long period of time. Now that the Brasil Guitar Duo won the 2006 Concert Artists Guild International Competition, he and Joao Luiz have a very busy schedule. (Douglas is half of the Duo, the other half is João Luiz) . We worked non-stop for two weeks on the songs (his and mine) and then took them to Claudio Spiewak's - and we spent the third week in the recording studio. I am very glad that we accomplished what we set out to do. Douglas's work is absolutely beautiful and mine... well, this is my voyage to Vera Cruz... :-) and only the heart can take me there. The CD flows naturally like an ebb tide that softens the wake of Portuguese and Spanish ships. The songs evoke memories of our Iberian heritage - with a pinch of Moorish flavor (after all, the Moors occupied Spain for over 700 years), and another little pinch of indigenous sounds. It's quiet and introspective; tranquil, intimate. It offers the soul the kind of gentle reconciliation it needs - it's raw nourishment for spirit and mind. The insert carries all Portuguese lyrics and their English translations. BUY IT at

All human children belong together

** ** I have always liked to bring together people of different races, backgrounds, and cultures... and watch new friendships emerge, beautiful and strong. I believe that we are all the same child, and we all yearn for the same thing: to love and to be loved. We come in different colors, sizes, shapes, sexes, but the spirit within, if we close our eyes, doesn't even know what kind of body is its keeper. We are born in different places, learn different languages, vibrate with different musical sounds, move our limbs in a different kind of dance, inherit a distinct DNA pool, and yet... we are, each of us, marked and moved by the same human feelings. The way I do the bridging is through song. I believe that when a human being hears a beautiful sound, and listens to it, his heart opens up. That sound changes his perception of things around him and a qualitative jump happens in a way that defies intellect and logic. The heart is now able to comprehend and accept things that were threatening just a moment ago. Music is purely divine, it is given to us to make us, in one instant, transcend all divisiveness, all separation. It elevates us from our earthly concerns and it liberates us from our prison of fears. The first time I left my country, to live abroad as an exchange student, I was 17. It was with joy that I shared with all the songs from my faraway land and those songs built us many bridges, so strong that to this day, 40 years later, we are still connected to each other. The second time I left my country, I was 20 years old, and I carried with me a great deal of pain. The secret police had stormed our house with machine guns in the very early morning and taken my 19-year-old bother from his bed. They took our books and our records off the shelf as proof of our dissent and lack of patriotism and, for months, we did not hear a word of my brother's whereabouts. Next, while on the highway to a military prison where my brother might've been kept, a car accident took my mother's life. During my mother's funeral, a group of secret police took my father away and sent him to prison. Under surveillance myself, I arranged for my uncles to care for my younger siblings and I left my homeland again. With the pain, I carried with me hundreds of beautiful songs. I learned to transcend pain through my songs. Everywhere I went, New York, Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, England, I found many people who, just like me, had left a faraway country and many things and people they loved. I sang to all of them. Through my songs we became brothers and sisters and every song brought us closer together. I taught them my songs, and I learned some of theirs. Brazilian culture taught me lessons about peace making and peace keeping. It taught me about forgiveness. It taught me about sadness, about putting it on and wearing it, like a dress, only to take it off and finding joy when it's inside out. With my songs, I teach people to be so quiet that they can hear their own heart whispering its lamentations and its losses, only to rejoice at being alive at last. When I came to Miami, I saw a very fragmented conglomerate of varied ethnicity and I described it as a perfect recipe for a wonderful cake - only there wasn't anyone baking it. I vowed that I was going to bake the cake. That I would put all of my resources into mixing the fine and distinct ingredients until the most beautiful and aromatic and delicious cake would emerge - warm and oozing sweetness, for all to taste. I proposed to the Coral Gables Congregational Church to start a music series that I would call the "Baking-the-Cake Music Series" but my project, 6 years ago, had a much wider scope than just Hispanic and Anglo relations and maybe it was seen as too ambitious. Since then, I have spent the past six years singing, here in Miami, with musicians from all over the world, and have sung to people from all over the world. I have taught Hispanic and Brazilian songs to Haitian, Israeli and Russian children; I have sung Brazilian songs to Haitian audiences and Haitian songs to Brazilians. I have recorded, in Creole, with Manno Charlemagne, a Haitian songwriter. I have sung in Italian to the French. In French, to the Italians. And I have sung in Hebrew to ladies from Iraq. The response is always the same. There is silence and there is communion. Tender smiles and luminous glances. Their eyes say: "I understand, we are all One. When our fathers die, we cry. When our children die, we go mad. We rejoice in finding love, and despair at losing it". But most of all, the eyes say: "I am at peace with you, my friend. My soul is at peace, for we understand each other". p.s. ï‚· Part of my repertoire is Afro-Brazilian, with deep acknowledgement of the experience of slavery, the sadness and the desperation created by the African diaspora, and finally, the birth of a new and creative life in the New World. ï‚· I grieve, with my songs, with all those who have lost their homeland, and their beloved. Through songs, I take them to the point of reconnection with the hope within their hearts. ï‚· When I sing, there's profound synergy between performer and audience, and the songs become a spiritual experience. These experiences prove that "understanding" is much more a matter of the heart than of the intellect. ï‚· The time that I, as the singer, spend together with those who listen to the songs, is like a journey past conditioning, linguistic barriers, cultural mores and attitudes - into the human heart. We reach the end of that journey with the notion that in our emotional core lies the essence of our same exact humanity.

"Voyage to Vera Cruz" ready soon!

* * This new CD is now with the graphic designer at the duplication house. All else is ready to go. The graphic design was almost ready, but Teo was in a hurry to come into this world and Estefi had to e-mail me the artwork from Sao Paulo just a couple of hours before Teo was born. So now, the artwork is in New York, in Jess's hands -and very soon the CD will have its own nice packaging.