Magda Machado


This song came to me in Hong Kong one day in 2011 when I missed my home country, Brazil. Walking the Dragon's Back trail on the way to Shek O, I opened eyes and heart and lived in the moment. The song came and as all my memories flooded my heart in the present tense, i felt whole again. I made peace with time and distance and lovingly accepted my experience as a human being belonging on planet Earth.  This song was transcribed and arranged by Alexis Alrich, in Hong Kong.


 Tão longe da minha terra     
Eu vejo que tudo na terra é igual
Aqui a paisagem é a imagem
Da minha terra natal
O que eu vejo é o espelho
Da lembrança de uma criança

Tem montanha banhada de luz
Tem um mar profundo e azul
Tem estrela esquecida no céu
E a lua branca faz sonhar

Tão longe de quem eu amo
Eu encontro a quem amar
Tem tanta gente que a gente sente
Aquele homem é meu parente
Sua história me vem em mente
E a terra toda é lar.


Far away from my native land
I see that all on earth is the same
The landscape here looks
The way it looks where I was born.
What I see is the mirror
Of the memories of a child

There are mountains, awash in sunlight,
There’s an ocean, deep and blue,
There’s a star forgotten in the sky
And the white moon has me dreaming

So far away from those I love
I’ve met others I’ve come to love
There are so many people
That man is part of my family
His story comes to my mind
And all of earth is home.

Maguinha - vocals.  Alexis Alrich plays piano. Sam Ferrer plays double bass. Jessie Hou plays the erhu (Chinese violin). Parts and arrangement by Alexis Alrich