Magda Machado


This song was written for my younger brother, Renato Pires Machado - in memoriam. The most universal of human experiences is the grief felt when a loved one dies. Only time and wisdom can mitigate that kind of pain, and eventually we are blessed with acceptance as we learn to remember without attachment, but rather with gratitude for the love and the time spent together. Transcribed by Alexis Alrich, in Hong Kong, recorded in Brasilia as a Requiem Nordestino. It was recorded at the Estudio Casa do Som. Henrique Lima Santos Neto plays the guitar and was given the freedom of improvisation for the introduction and solo. Junior Ferreira played the acordeon) in the heart-wrenching manner of Brazilian Northeastern sanfoneiros.


 Quando tu me vens ao pensamento
É muito mais bonito esse momento
Do que quando pensei
Já nao mais lembrar

Água no deserto
Flor em campo aberto
E na mesa, o pão

O que tu me deixaste é muito mais
Muito mais do que levaste
Em meu coração deixaste
a jóia do Amor.

O que aprendi de ti me fez capaz
De ter coragem de viver
Transformaste o medo e a dor
Na força do amor.


The moment I think of you
Is much more beautiful
Than when I think
I can’t remember you.

Water in the desert
Open field of flowers
Bread is on the table

What you left me is much more
Much more than what you’ve taken
In my heart you left
The jewel of Love

What I learnt from you enabled me
To have the courage to live
You changed fear and pain
Into the strength of Love

Maguinha - vocals, Henrique Lima Santos Neto - 7-string-guitar, improvisations, Junior Ferreira - acordeon, Macaxeira Acioli – hand-crafted indigenous percussion. Arranged by Dudu Maia. Miami, 2005