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Terra - CD


Brazilian melodies&rhythms with hints of the Orient , North and South America, modern Brasilia, crazy loves, irretrievable losses, awakenings in faraway-lands. Songs spring up new with ancient humanity. Recorded in Hong Kong, Brasilia and Goiás, in Brasil



Voyage to Vera Cruz - CD


The CD flows naturally

like an ebb tide that softens the wake of Portuguese and Spanish ships. The songs evoke memories of our Iberian heritage - with a pinch of Moorish flavor (after all, the Moors occupied Spain for over 700 years), and another pinch of indigenous sounds. It's quiet and introspective; tranquil, intimate. It offers the soul the kind of gentle reconciliation it needs - it's raw nourishment for spirit and mind. The insert carries all Portuguese lyrics and their English translations.


Earth and Sky/Terra e Ceu, 2006 - CD


Brazilian Roots -

More than Bossa Nova This is an important CD for Brazilian music lovers. All of Brazilian music main tendencies, whether European, African, or Indigenous, are represented here. The album also strikes a highly emotional chord in Brazilians who left Brazil during the dictatorship, and in those who lived through that time at home. Some of these songs were the backbone of people's resistance to military oppression, and are well remembered by those who lived through a tumultuous period in Brazilian life.